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Model A Mugs for Sale

Model A Mugs
For Sale

$8.00 each

Know somone crazy about Ford Model A's or the Good 'ol Days? Well, we made this mug just for them. This mug shows 6 different models of the Model A: 1928-29 Roadster, 1930-31 4-Door Sedan, 1928-29 Phaeton, 1928-29 2-Door Sedan, 1930-31 4-Door Phaeton and a 1930-31 Coupe. Surely to delight any Ford lover! White with Ford blue. Measures: 3-3/4" tall.
Shipping charges are $6.95 for the first mug. If you would like more than one, please E-mail us for a price. E-mail us also for out of U. S. shipping rates. If ordering more than one mug through the web site (below) shipping may be slightly higher to cover the cost of the additional weight. Order directly on-line using a Visa, Master Card or Discover/Novus at: Fun Stuff for Genealogists, Inc. or send a check or money order to: BLAAP Productions, 59769 Middleboro St., South Bend, Indiana 46614.
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