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of the 1931 Model A U. S. Mail Truck

Photos 56 through 67 show close up areas of the truck. No detail was overlooked in this complete 11 year restoration including locating original issue pad locks and key as well as Post Office issued spark plugs.
The chassis received all new mechanical components such as brakes, steering, springs and all associated components. The front brakes have the original Rocky Mountain cast iron drums. The front spring is a NOS 12 leaf spring as specified for the mail truck, and the rear spring is the heavy duty 10 leaf rear spring as used on pick-ups and panel deliveries.

The truck always catches the attention of the car buff wherever it is shown and has won many local awards. In 2001, Lew was honored to have noted author Jim Shield take photos of my truck and include them in his wonderful book "Original Ford Model A". You can see the the truck pictured on pages 120 and 121.

The restoration of this truck was complete in June of 2001 and was entered in the MARC national meet in Cincinnati in the touring class. It received a MARC of Excellence in the touring class at that meet.

The truck was also entered in the MARC meet in Indianapolis in 2005 and received a Preservation Award in the touring class. Since the Indianapolis meet several of the items that the truck scored low in have been upgraded and presently there are only a few items left to correct to make it a 500 point car in the touring class.

56. 57.
58. 59.
60. Tail gate hook and hinge. 61. Right side tail gate hinge.
62. Original Post Office Department pad lock. 63. Rear view showing latch bar with pad lock inserted.
64. Touring class awards: MARC of Excellence and Preservation Award. 65.
66. 67. U. S. Mail license plate attachment.
68. Posters easily removed for replacement. 69. Drivers side spring-loaded hinged window.
70. Left front corner detail. 71.