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The Smerdon Family - Add Your Querries! E-mail Bev

The Smerdon Family comes from England in the Devon area. I have just begun researching this name and would like to make this site a "clearing house" for that surname. If you would like to add data, please e-mail me. See below for querries that have come in.
Our Tryphena Smerdon was born in Whitstone, Devon, England 19 Jun 1825 and was in the 1851 census at Thorold, Welland Co., Ontario, Canada with her husband James Trew. They married in Thorold in 1851. George Smerdon also appears in the same census. He was born abt 1823 and married a Catherine. I suspect him to be Tryphena's brother. The IGI lists Tryphena with parents David and Ann. Please let me know if you would like your data added here.
Thanks! Bev (Trew) Petersen
 Ann Smerdon, mother of Tryphena Smerdon Trew is buried at Springford Cemetery, Springford, Ontario, Oxford County, Canada. Her tombstone reads: Died 85 years in 1867, wife of Dan Smerdon. The graves of Tryphena Smerdon and James Trew have not been found but it is presumed they are buried here in unmarked graves. The cemetery sexton was contacted and records previous to 1889 no longer exist. There are a lot of empty lots surrounding Ann. The sexton tells indicated that no one is being buried in this area because they "know" pioneers are buried here with no stones. George Smerdon also lived in the area, the probable brother to Tryphena.
12 April 2000 - Chris Ayton wherever you are! Please contact Peter Smerdon at: peter.smerdon@virgin.net He just found out that you are related. "I have been looking again at your Smerdon Home Page and have found another link with my own tree. The last entry, which is from Chris Ayton, shows his ancestors as John Smerdon and Ellen Callard - John was my grandfather's cousin! Unfortunately Chris doesn't give an Email address. Can you help please?"

28 January 2000 ONE OF BEV'S SMERDON's!!!!!!! Thanks for finding us Pam!!!!!!!!!!
Bev, you can't imagime how excited I was when I discovered your Smerdon Surname Page and read about your Tryphena who possibly had a brother George!!! My husband's grandmother on his father's side was Ella Cynthia Smerdon, daughter of George and Catherine Vanatter Smerdon. We have their bible which tells of their emigration to North Carolina from Canada on Jan 21, 1874 and gives the birth, death and marriage dates and places for them and their children - and two grandchildren - but doesn't mention who their parents or siblings were. George and Catherine's oldest child was named Tryphena, so that kind of rang a bell.
My husband's George and your Tryphena would have been about three years apart in age. Can you tell me anything else about Ann and Dan Smerdon? Did Tryphena have any other siblings that you know of? I think it is interesting that this George was living in the W. Springford area up until about the time Ann died, and then they moved back to W. Eden and eventually to NC. I'm enclosing what I have on George Smerdon, his children and grandchildren. I don't have any information on Catherine Vanatter's family.
Pam Parrish
Rutledge, GA
 Descendants of George Smerdon
 Generation No. 1
1. GEORGE1 SMERDON1,2,3 was born May 29, 1822 in England, and died February 1876 in Henderson, NC. He married KATHERINE VANATTTER October 29, 1851 in Thorold, Ontario, Canada. She was born November 04, 1829 in Grimsby, West Ontario, Canada, and died March 25, 1885 in Pleasant Grove, Henderson, NC (Vance Co).
According to oral history passed down in the Parrish family, George's mother was Lady Jane Challice, a member of the nobility, and his father was a commoner. George immigrated from England to Canada about 1850, carrying with him a letter of recommendation from a Samuel Mann, bookseller, Ashburton, Devon, England dated July 15, 1850. He and Catherine Vanatter were married by Mr. Burns, Wesleyan minister, in Thorold, Canada on Oct. 29, 1851. After their marriage they lived in Thorold for a year or two, then moved to Eden Bayham. Between 1859 and 1865 they moved to South Norwich, West Springford and between 1866 and 1868 moved again to West Eden, where their last two children were born. George was a veterinarian and active in the agricultural community, being a member of the local agricultural society in four different townships, and serving as director of the Bayham Agricultural Society. In 1874 he and his family moved to North Carolina, where he continued to practice veterinary medicine in Henderson.
 2. i. TRYPHENA2 SMERDON, b. August 01, 1852, Thorold, Ontario, Canada.
ii. GEORGE WILLIAM SMERDON, b. June 03, 1854, Eden Bayham, Ontario, Canada; d. October 1935, Cushing, OK. Notes for GEORGE WILLIAM SMERDON: Baptized the 19th of September, 1856
iii. JAMES ROBERT SMERDON, b. July 04, 1859, Eden Bayham, Ontario, Canada.
 iv. ARTHUR EUGENE SMERDON, b. August 20, 1865, South Norwich, West Springford, Ontario, Canada; d. July 07, 1926, Henderson, NC. Notes for ARTHUR EUGENE SMERDON: Baptized by Mr. Histing
 v. EDWARD AUGUSTINE SMERDON, b. January 01, 1866, South Norwich, West Springford, Ontario, Canada; d. May 03, 1884, Pleasant Grove, Henderson, NC (Vance Co). Notes for EDWARD AUGUSTINE SMERDON: Baptized by Mr. Goodspeed on Jan. 30, 1872
 vi. ELIZABETH JANE SMERDON, b. May 03, 1868, West Eden, Ontario, Canada; d. May 03, 1902, Stem, NC; m. WILLIAM D. PARRISH, December 09, 1890, Vance Co, NC. Notes for ELIZABETH JANE SMERDON: Baptized by Mr. Goodspeed on Jan. 30, 1872. Jane married William Parrish, brother of Nelson Parrish, and uncle of Charlie Holt Parrish, who married her sister Cynthia Ella. She is buried in the Parrish cemetery, Stem, NC
3. vii. ELLA CYNTHIA SMERDON, b. June 15, 1871, West Eden, Ontario, Canada; d. June 06, 1954, Stem, NC.
Generation No. 2
2. TRYPHENA2 SMERDON (GEORGE1) was born August 01, 1852 in Thorold, Ontario, Canada. She married BEJAMIN BRAME December 28, 1875. Marriage Notes for TRYPHENA SMERDON and BEJAMIN BRAME: By the Rev. Nicholas Harris, Methodist minister.
i. GEORGE FRANKLIN3 BRAME, b. October 10, 1876.
 ii. CLARA CATHERINE BRAME, b. November 08, 1878.
3. ELLA CYNTHIA2 SMERDON (GEORGE1) was born June 15, 1871 in West Eden, Ontario, Canada, and died June 06, 1954 in Stem, NC. She married CHARLIE HOLT PARRISH August 21, 1895, son of NELSON PARRISH and MARY MOORE. He was born October 15, 1871 in Orange Co, NC, and died December 03, 1955 in Henderson, NC.
Ella was baptized by Mr. Goodspeed on Jan. 30, 1872. The Smerdons moved to NC when Ella was three and her mother died when she was fourteen, at which point she went to live with her brother Arthur in Henderson. - conversation with Maggie Page, 1974.
i. FRED FLETCHER3 PARRISH, b. July 08, 1896, Stem, NC; d. October 08, 1992, Durham, NC; m. HARRIETT BLANCHE BATTS, October 25, 1922, Stem, NC; b. September 19, 1895, Edgecombe Co, NC; d. May 21, 1988, Durham, NC. Notes for FRED FLETCHER PARRISH: Fred served in WW I, 1918-1919, in the 156 Pioneer Infantry. After their marriage he and Harriett moved to 1208 Holloway Street, Durham where they raised their family and lived until they passed away. They were active members of Trinity United Methodist Church in Durham. Notes for HARRIETT BLANCHE BATTS: From about the age of five on, Harriett spent a great deal of her time attending to an invalid mother who was stricken with rheumatoid arthritis. Being the youngest child, she could be spared from working in the fields or helping with the housework and so she sat at her mother's bedside , fetching things and doing what she could to ease her mother's suffering. Her early schooling was neglected, but when she was 15 both parents died within the year and she and her sister and brothers were sent off to attend Livingston College. It was a struggle for her to catch up with her classmates, but she did. After graduating Harriett worked for the railroad company in Wilson County. On a visit to her sister's, who was by then married and living in Stem, NC, Harriett first met Fred Parrish, newly returned from the war in Europe. After their marriage Harriett bought the house at 1208 Holloway Street with her savings and inheritance and set up housekeeping. Harriett and Fred are buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Durham, NC.
 ii. CHALLICE VANNETTA PARRISH, b. August 13, 1898; m. IVAN JUDSON WALL, April 27, 1918; b. September 13, 1900; d. November 26, 1946.
iii. MAGGIE LOUISE PARRISH, b. April 21, 1901, Stem, NC; d. Durham, NC; m. EARL B. PAGE, March 07, 1925, Lillington, NC; b. April 14, 1903, Lillington, NC; d. June 18, 1970, Raleigh, NC.
iv. CHARLIE SMERDON PARRISH, b. December 11, 1903; m. LETTIE NASH WHEELER, July 19, 1928; b. March 19, 1903.
v. ELLIE GOOCH PARRISH, b. May 22, 1906.
vi. JOSEPH HENRY PARRISH, b. May 22, 1906, Granville Co, NC; m. LESSIE WARD BYRD, April 11, 1936, Durham, NC; b. February 07, 1907, Durham, NC.
vii. LILLIE MAE KATHRINE PARRISH, b. December 17, 1908, Stem, NC.
 viii. GEORGE ARTHUR PARRISH, b. February 13, 1912, Stem, NC; d. Stem, NC; m. KATHERINE GAGLIANO, June 19, 1943, Jefferson Parish, New Orleans, LA; b. January 19, 1905, New Orleans, LA.
1. Smerdon Bible in possession of Fred and Pam Parrish.
2. Conversations with Maggie Page, Ellie Parrish, Lillie Parrish and Lillian Nichols.
3. Inscriptions, Parrish cemetery, Stem, NC.

Do not miss this great Smerdon file! New October 1999
So big it needed its own page!  Click Here

Help would be appreciated in tracing a lost Smerdon Smerdon's from England
I am based in Plymouth, England and am researching my family tree in the name of SMERDON, living mainly in Devonshire, England. My grandfather JOHN SMERDON (1839 - 1930) visited USA and married CHARLOTTE (surname unknown) and returned to England where Charlotte had a son ARCHIE. Charlotte was killed in a riding accident and grandfather subsequently married my grandmother in 1896. We understand that Archie returned to USA but lost touch with his English kin. Any help in tracing him and any possible decendants would be appreciated. Also any other Smerdon's who moved to USA.
Peter Smerdon.
E-mail PSmerdon@aol.com

8 March 1999 Hi Bev - Since last writing I have managed to trace CHARLOTTE SMERDON's burial record and age at death. She lived from 1842 to 1892. The next port of call will be to the Census Record where I might be lucky enough to glean some information on ARCHIE........ Best wishes. 
Peter Smerdon 

20 March 1999 - Hi Bev - The fact that I found out about Charlotte Smerdon was from the Widecombe-in-
the-Moor burial register which stated "Charlotte Smerdon of Ilsington was buried December 24 1892 age 50". Ilsington was the village where grandfather was living at the time and where, 5 years later, my father was born.
Any time you can get to Plymouth I'll be only too happy to take you out boating! You may be interested to know that we had a few days in London this week when the daytime temperature was 20 degrees. That was confirmed by the dress - or lack of it - that the girls were wearing.
I think that I may have hit the jackpot with one of the entries from your home page who appears to be a direct relation of mine. I'll keep you posted.
Best wishes, 
Peter Smerdon. 
21 March 1999 Subject: The Smerdon Clan
Bev - I thought that you'd like to hear about the outcome of my correspondence with Michael Smerdon who recently wrote to you on the subject of Boyds Marriage Index. The Thomas Smerdon that he mentioned was my grandfather's uncle, whose birth and marriage I have seen in the Buckland-in-the-Moor parish register. We are now in the process of exchanging family trees so in due course I should be able to see the details of our relationship.

24 March, 1999 - Peter sends these photos of himself and the family.
Michigan Smerdon's
Robert (& Mary) Smerdon (great grand parents) Born ~1860 in England(?) 
Children: Francis and Rose
Francis Raymond(?) (& May Ida) Smerdon (grand parents) Born ~1903 in Bay City/Munger, MI
Children: Francis Bud, Elaine mar. Carl Rhode
Jerry, Don, Jack
Jack Norbert (& Jane) Smerdon (parents) Born 1932 in Bay City, MI
Children: Susan, John, Brian
 John David Smerdon (me) Born 1963 in Southfield, MI

 Rose Smerdon (Married: Bill VanSuseren(?)) (great aunt)
Jim VanSuseren
Bob VanSuseren

Dates and spellings that I am not sure of have a (?) next to them.
I understand that there are many Smerdons in the county of Devon, England. The name might be derived from "Smar" "Downs" or butter hill. At some point the Smerdons might have been dairy farmers.

Some Devon info is at http://www.cs.ncl.ac.uk/genuki/DEV/

I was in England 8? years ago and visited with Geoffry Smerdon that had contacted me several years before when he was researching genealogy. He was a retired doctor who had met his current wife (who was Smerdon by marriage) researching genealogy. He never found out if his wife's ex-husband was related to him.
I have many Smerdon relatives in the Bay City area. (Bay County, Michigan)
Nobody is researching the Smerdon name that I know of. I would be interested in whatever Smerdon information that you have. I think it is time I started.
John D. Smerdon; Livonia, Michigan, USA; 
Contents are my opinion.
Home: jds@smerdon.livonia.mi.us
England/US Smerdon's
Robert John Smerdon Feb 1998
Smerdon Family
Great Grandfather Robert, Baker in Ottery St Mary, Devon Married Twice, Died 1940. Father Sydney John, married twice, second wife lillian may Goddard of Pewsey Wiltshire worldwide goddard family. Robert John (me) born 1934 married three times, one daughter in USA & two sons Simon John and Stuart Robert. 

An e-mail I received 16 Aug 1998
Ontario Smerdon's
My name is Bonnie Smerdon, my father Is David Leonard Smerdon whose fatherwas Leonard Alfred Smerdon born in St. Catherines Ontario in 1900-1910. Isuspect that he is descended from George Smerdon brother of Tryphena. Does anyone
have knowledge of him? Leonard's brother was Arthur and his sister Gertrude.

Subject: Smerdon's in Australia
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 21:09:30 +1000
From: gsmerdon@ibm.net
Dear Bev,
My name is Gary Lloyd Smerdon born 8/7/59, son of Lloyd Herbert Smerdon (born 12/5/33) and Oriel Maureen (nee Guy) 13/3/36. My father is the son of Oliver Smerdon (1900-1969) . I have no knowledge of my predecessors beyond my grandfather, including when or from where a Smerdon may have immigrated to Australia. All Smerdon's resident in Sydney Australia are related, brothers of my father, Reginald, Neville and sister Averil. Any info much appreciated.

More Austrailian Smerdon's
From: Scott & Dalya 07:24 PM 4/18/99 pelicans@one.net.au
Subject: Smerdon
Dear Bev,
All the way from Down Under! My name is Scott Shaw, and I am researching the Smerdon name, and came across your website. I too am descended from Smerdons, though a very long way back. My first Smerdon was Hugh Smerdon (my 7th great grandfather). Nothing is known of him except that he had 5 children- Hugh b 1695/96 in Widecombe in the Moor, Devon (my 6th great grandfather), Edward b 1697, Mary 1692, Jane b 1699 and Martha b 1704/1705. Hugh Junior married Dunes Hamlyn 1727 in Widecombe. Hugh Junior's granddaughter was Anne Smerdon, featured on your web page under the Boyd's Marriage Index as having married John Skinner in 1787 in Ashburton. I am interested in finding out any information you may have, and would be happy to share my info with you.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
California SMEARDEN's

Subject: Smerdon Family
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 21:08:40 -0700
From: "D. Smearden" smeardy@earthlink.net
I'm not sure if we're one of your long lost "clan" or not. The spelling of our last name is SMEARDEN. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. My great-grandfather was born in "Hell's Kitchen" New York City. And his parents emigrated from County Cork Ireland in what must have been the 1880s or so. That's as far back as I'm I know for certain, though some gentle prodding might reveal a little more from my grandmother. But I am dealing with second hand information. I do know that my great-grandfather was named Thomas Smearden and my
grandfather was named William James Smearden. My father is named Robert James Smearden and he has a brother named David William Smearden. I am David Robert Smearden, last of the Smeardens that I know of (at least that spelling). Just wanted to say hi, David

A real England Smerdon!!!!
Subject: Smerdon 
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1999 15:54:59 -0000
From: "John Malcolm Smerdon" smerd@cald.lpool.sch.uk
I am John Malcolm Smerdon and I live in Wallasey near Liverpool England. I have one brother David and one cousin George. The family in this area are all related it started when two Smerdon brothers from Devon moved to Liverpool about 1845-50, they both had fairly large families, one married an Irish girl and that branch became Roman Catholic, the other a local girl
in Liverpool. I have in past been in contact with Dr Geoffrey Smerdon (originally from Liverpool) and a Lionel Smerdon from Birmingham, whose family were originally from Liverpool. The family name is from West Devon in England and is probably Saxon in origin as a place name Smar meaning butter and Don meaning hill, could mean good pasture or grazing.

Great genealogy data from Ontario!
At 11:43 AM 2/28/99 -0500, you wrote: Bev, I believe we have talked earlier.
Bev and John: I notice your websites contain information on Smerdons. I have attached my family tree information. to add to your collection. I am located in Welland, Ontario, Canada, not far from Thorold, Ontario. All the Smerdons presently living in this area are related to me, at least all that I know of! As far as I can tell, we are not related to Tryphena Smerdon. I am #15 in the data. You may post this information if you wish.
Bob Smerdon

Smerdon Family History
1. Richard Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1810, Holne, Devon, England, m. Mary Ann ??????, b. ?? ___ 1816, Woodland, Devon, England.
i Ann Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1837, Woodland, Devon, England.
ii John Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1839, Woodland, Devon, England.
iii Jane Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1844, Woodland, Devon, England.
iv Henry Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1846, Woodland, Devon, England.
v George Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1848, Woodland, Devon, England.
vi James Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1850, Woodland, Devon, England.
2. vii Elias b. ?? ___ 1852.
3. viii Richard b. ___ ?? 1854.
ix Elizabeth Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1856, Woodland, Devon, England.
x Eliza Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1858, Woodland, Devon, England.
xi Mary Ann Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1860, Woodland, Devon, England.
Second Generation
2. Elias Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1852, Woodland, Devon, England, m. Thirza ????, b. ?? ___ 1851, Ashburton, Devon, England.
i Albert E. Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1877, Broadhampton, Devon, England.
ii Ernest J. Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1879, Woodland, Devon, England.
iii Florence E Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1882, Woodland, Devon, England.
iv Edith M. Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1883, Woodland, Devon, England.
v Beatrice M. Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1889, Woodland, Devon, England.
vi Harriett A. Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1889, Woodland, Devon, England.
3. Richard Smerdon b. ___ ?? 1854, Woodland, Devon, England, m. Ellen Skinner, b. ?? ___ 1857, Ashburton, Devon, England, (daughter of John Skinner and Harriett ??????) d. Ashburton, Devon, England. Richard buried: Ashburton, Devon, England.
4. i William Henry b. ?? ___ 1877.
5. ii Fearnley Edmund Richard b. 13 Aug 1878.
iii Harriet Ethyl Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1881, Ashburton, Devon, England, m. ??? Moulder. Harriet died Butte, Montana, USA?.
6. iv John J. b. ?? ___ 1887.
v Eveline Ellen Smerdon b. Ashburton, Devon, England.
 Third Generation
4. William Henry Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1877, Ashburton, Devon, England, m. Elizabeth Ann Caunter. William died Cableton, Quebec, Canada, buried:Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada.
7. i Alice Pearl b. ?? ___ 1896.
ii William A. Smerdon d. Albert Mines, Quebec, Canada?.
8. iii Gordon E..
5. Fearnley Edmund Richard Smerdon b. 13 Aug 1878, Woodland, Devon, England, m. May 28 1904, in Newton Abbot, Devon, England, Alice Parish,b. 15 Apr 1884, North Morton, Berkshire, England, (daughter of Richard
Parish and Beatrice Unknown) d. 11 Mar 1967, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada,buried: Cobalt, Ontario, Canada. Fearnley died 31 May 1946, Haileybury, Ontario, Canada, buried: Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.
9. i Fearnley Cecil b. 17 Mar 1905.
10. ii William John b. 21 Jan 1916.
6. John J. Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1887, Cornwall, England, m. Emma Dent, b. ?? ___ 1891, Grass Valley, California, USA, d. ?? ___ 1983, Trout Creek, Ontario, Canada, buried: Cobalt, Ontario, Canada. John died ?? ___
1940, Cobalt, Ontario, Canada.
i Ruth Smerdon m. Ernie Madock. Ruth died 13 Jan 1998, Cobalt, Ontario.
11. ii Jack.
 iii Ralph Smerdon.
12. iv Emma.
Fourth Generation
7. Alice Pearl Smerdon b. ?? ___ 1896, m. Charles Clerke McLachlan. Alice died 16 Jan 1992, Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada, buried: Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada.
i Eileen McLachlan m. ??? Prescott.
8. Gordon E. Smerdon m. ????? Unknown.
i Graydon Smerdon.
9. Fearnley Cecil Smerdon b. 17 Mar 1905, Albert Mines, Quebec, Canada, m. in Cobalt, Ontario, Canada, Ena May Davey, b. 26 Aug 1909, Ashberton, England, d. 16 Aug 1994, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, buried: 19 Aug
1994, Victoria Lawn Cemetery, St. Catharines. Fearnley died 10 Mar 1961, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, buried: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
i Shirley May Smerdon b. 8 Oct 1930, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, and in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, Clayton Sagadore. Shirley died 5 Dec 1993, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, buried: 8 Dec 1993, Sudbury, Ontario,
Canada (Parklawn).
13. ii Joan b. 21 Jan 19__.
14. iii Lawrence Davey b. 1 Jun 19__.
10. William John Smerdon b. 21 Jan 1916, Cobalt, Ontario, Canada, m. 1 Oct 1940, in Utterson, Ontario, Canada, Lorella Rosine Patterson, b. 6 Jun 1922, Utterson, Ontario, Canada, (daughter of William John Patterson
and Margaret Cornelia McKenzie).
15. i William Robert b. 3 Nov 19__.
ii Lois Ella Smerdon b. 7 Mar 19__, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, m. (1) 4 Aug 1972, in Levack, Ontario, Canada, divorced 1977, Andrew Malcolm O'Neil, b. 9 Aug 19__, Garson?, Ontario, Canada, and Weldon George Benson Rodney, b. 19 Jul 19__, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, (son of Benson Thomas Rodney and Mildred Reardon).
16. iii Lora Fern b. 18 Sep 19__.
11. Jack Smerdon m. Vina ???.
i Lynn Smerdon m. ??? Reavely.
ii Naomi Smerdon.
12. Emma Smerdon m. Willis Patriquin.
i Lissa Patriquin m. D. Daniel Macmaster.
ii Lewis Patriquin.
Fifth Generation
13. Joan Smerdon b. 21 Jan 19__, Cobalt, Ontario, Canada, m. 28 Dec 1955, in Garson, Ontario, Canada, Malcolm Bowen, b. 24 Sep 19__, Garson, Ontario, Canada.
17. i Donna May b. 3 Jul 19__.
14. Lawrence Davey Smerdon b. 1 Jun 19__, Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada, m. 12 Sep 1959, in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, Christine Stephanie Barrett, b. 11 Jul 19__, Kearsley, Lancashire, England.
18. i James Richard b. 7 Aug 19__.
19. ii Sheila Ann b. 29 Sep 19__.
15. William Robert Smerdon b. 3 Nov 19__, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, m. 2 May 1970, in North Bay, Ontario Canada, Judith Ann Friday, b. 7 Jul 19__, Temagami, Ontario, Canada, (daughter of John Edward (Gus) Friday
and Mary Jane Turner).
i Brian David Smerdon b. 31 Aug 19__, Welland, Ontario, Canada, m. 13 Sep 1997, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Jennifer Jane Adams, b. 18 Jul 19__, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, (daughter of George Allen Adams and
Elizabeth Anne Fyles).
ii Jennifer Ann Smerdon b. 10 Apr 19__, Welland, Ontario, Canada.
16. Lora Fern Smerdon b. 18 Sep 19__, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, m. 31 Jul 1982, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Charles Jackson, b. 18 Oct 19__, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
i Stephanie Lora Jackson b. 5 Mar 19__, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
ii Christopher Charles William Jackson b. 8 Sep 19__, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Sixth Generation
17. Donna May Bowen b. 3 Jul 19__, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, m. Gary Willard, b. 15 Jun 19__, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
i Robyne Breanne Willard b. 19 Jun 19__, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
ii Brook Mckenzie Willard b. 10 May 19__, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
18. James Richard Smerdon b. 7 Aug 19__, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, m. 9 Jul 1988, in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, Tracy Lynn Schindel, b. 27 Apr 19__, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
i Adrian James Barrett Smerdon b. 28 Mar 19__, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
19. Sheila Ann Smerdon b. 29 Sep 19__, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, m. 28 May 1988, in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, Mark Martel, b. 21 Jun 19__, Timmins, Ontario, Canada.
i Michael Alan Martel b. 4 Jan 19__, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
ii Kevin Thomas Martel b. 25 May 19__, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

michael smerdon <michaels@adelaide.on.net> 6 March 1999
Subject: Boyds Marriage index devon 1801 1830
Greetings from Adelaide, In researching the SMERDON family trees I have come across a reference in the above index to one JOHN FULWOOD LAWR PALK who in 1817 married Mary Hewitt. What took my attention were the names FULWOOD and PALK! I have been sent a copy of "THE SAD TALE OF ENSIGN SMERDON" under the name of Geoffrey Smerdon and taken from the "notes and documents" of the Journal of Army Historical Research 1991. Geoffrey Smerdon some years ago was doing some researching of the Devonshire origins of the Smerdon Family and came across a collection of letters in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. He starts with the PALK letters, knowing that the Rev FULWOOD Smerdon, the 18thCentury vicar of Ottery St Mary had enjoyed the patronage of the PALK Family!. If the above info is of any interest I could "snail Mail" a copy-- it is nearly 3 full pages in length and in tiny print-- I would be at the keyboard till doomsday if I attempted to copy into this message[I havent yet managed more than two fingers on the board!!!] So lets know!!!--I have completed our family tree commencing with Thomas Smerdon 27 may 1792 marrying Grace Hamlyn 30 march 1824-- one branch remaining in UK and the other two emigrating to Adelaide in 1881. 
With best wishes and cheers!!!!
Thanks for sending this Michael! 

Taken from the Journal of Army Historical Research
The Sad Take of Ensign Smerdon - A Devonshire Tragicomedy.
 Some years ago, when researching the Devonshire origins of the Smerdon family, I came across a collection of letters in the Bodleian library in Oxford. I read through the Palk letters with interest, knowing that Rev. Fullwood Smerdon, of the 18th century vicar of Ottery St. Mary had enjoyed the patronage of the Palk family and had named one of his children after them. Fulwood Smerdon was the son of Rev. Thomas Smerdon, Master of the Ashburton Grammar School and the successor of Coleridge's father in the living at Ottery. The Palks, of course, were an ancient Devon family, already established at Ambrook in Ipplepen in the 15th century and later people of substance in the county, serving as Members of the Parliament, Magistrates and officials of all sorts. Robert Palk became a baronet, migrated to India, was Governor of Madras and finally ennobled as Lord Haldon.
The letters are an extraordinary example of the bizarre stories which emerge when one investigates the lives of one's ancestors. And if the adventures of Ensign Smerdon scarcely give me a glow of family pride, I do find myself a certain sneaking sympathy with his fate, thrown as he was into a military career for which he had little inclination and even less aptitude. It was due to the patronage of the Palk family that the wretched boy found himself bound for India to become a soldier.
The first letter, dated "Samulcattah Oct. 16th, 1768", is from Capt. Thomas Madge to Robert Palk Esq. It begins: "I wish I could say anything in favour of Mr. Smerdon or could flatter myself with any hopes of being able to do justice to your recommendations on his behalf. But as his behaviour is so very inconsistent with the way of life he has embarked upon, I fear he will never get commission. He may thank his ill-judging father for his present imbecility and infatuation. The letter has been the consequence of his morose behaviour and close confinement of the young man to the study of books when he ought to have been taught to form his judgment of men and have instructed himself in their manners: for the neglect of which, notwithstanding his laborious education he can be deemed no otherwise than a learned blockhead. The close attachment to study so much has disguised him that now he is left to his own discretion, he indulges his inclinations to their utmost scope some of which are very much to the prejudice of his character and principles. The niggardly behaviour of his father when he launched him into the world is scarcely credible: for who would have sent his son on a voyage to India with no other allowance to furnish (him) with necessaries for the voyage but the L10 (10 pounds) he received at the Indian House. However with the sum and that only, he was hurried aboard the Clive Indiaman at a very short notice, even after he had declared (as he tells me) his aversion to the way of life he was precipitated into unprovided with proper clothes for the country or even the voyage. This unnatureal behaviour of the father subjected the young man to such mean distresses as quite suppressed the small shore of spirits he derived from (his) constitution, as he was driven to the necessity of living on the bare ship's allowance before he had been three months at sea, which excluded him from the mess and consequently the society of the other cadets...and so unprovided what he with clothes that he was obliged to borrow of his comrades what he was deficient in before he could come ashore in Madras.
He ought however to have thought his distress at an end on his arrival in India, as I allowed him whatever money he pretended to have occasion for and had ordered my agent at Madras to equip him for camp while he had been ordered to proceed with some other cadets. On being acquainted with these orders he declared pubickly that he would on no account go to camp till he had seen me and that he had been sent out by you to be under my care, otherwise he would never have come to India. He obstinately persisting in his resolution of not going to camp, began to be taken notice of at Madras which would soon infallibly have ruined him had not a friend of mine then on the spot...advised me to get him Northward. On this hint I wrote to Mr. Bourchier who kindly arranged his transfer."
Since his arrival he has given another reason for refusing to join the army than that the military life is not agreeable to his inclination and - what is only commendable in his whole conduct - frankly confesses his want of spirit. He is now at Headquarters where he has already tried Colonel Tod's patience by his dronish method of life and his aversion to improve himself. You will at once perceive he will never make a soldier not be fit for any way of life in so licentious, so dissipated a country as India. And if his father has any share of affection remaining for his son he ought immediately to send him home and preserve him from unavoidable ruin and disgrace which must otherwise be his fate."
On Oct. 24, 1768 Lieut. Thos. Palk writes to Robert Palk Esq. from Samulcottah. "Young Mr. Smerdon was with us at this place (for a few days) about 2 months since, but it at present at Ellore under Lieutenant Colonel Tod's command. I am sorry to acquaint you that his behaviour has been very indifferent since his arrival. I shall defer giving you any account of him since Capt. Madge tells me he intends writing you a long letter concerning him and another to Mr. Smerdon to advise him to send for his son home."
Capt. Madge to R. Palk May 16th, 1769 Ellore. "My judgment of the conduct of young Smerdon has proved correct. He had been ordered on detachment with Capt. Bellingham to attack a small fort in their neighbourhood when he discovered such tokens of cowardice as I am ashamed to mention. The day after the fort was reduced (it having been abandoned by the enemy) a report prevailed that a field engagement was expected: which so much terrified Smerdon that he immediately waited on Bellingham and told him that the air did not agree with him neither did he by any means approve of a military life; which induced him to demand leave to quit the detachment immediately in order to repair to Ellore (the Headquarters of the Circars) as on his arrival there he was determined to quit the service. In spite of every argument that could be made to dissuade him from so scandalous a step, he still persisted in it - and accordingly left the detachment. On his arrival at Ellore Col. Tod ordered him to set out for Samulcotah, where I at the time resided, where he advised him to consult me before he resigned the service. It was with difficulty that he was prevailed upon to make his appearance and loitered at a small village about 16 cos* (a measure of distance) from Samulcotah five or six days under the most frivolous pretenses, till I was under the necessity of threatening to bring him to Samulcotah with a file of men.
This brought him immediately. Soon after his arrival he was appointed Ensign from Madras, a promotion that filled him with the greatest concern, as he assured me he would never take the field again as he was sure he could not support his character as an officer. Accordingly, on my being ordered into the field, Smerdon writes to either Col. Tod or the Chief of Masuliparam in which he declares his want of capacity and resolution for the station he had been promoted, and therefore begs leave to quit the service before he is put to any trail. On receipt of this letter he was ordered to proceed immediately to Madras which, sore against his inclinations, he was obliged to comply with. At Parting from me he expressed a desire of getting employed as a monthly writer in the office at Madras, but on his passion for dissipation together with an unconquerable aversion to business of any kind, would not allow me to hope he would ever be able to support himself on 10 pags ("pagoda" an Indian coin) a month when he could hardly make ends meet with double the sum, I advised him to think seriously of returning to his friends by the first opportunity. Since his leaving the Northward which was in the month of January last, I have never received a letter from him, norwithstanding he derives his sole support from my purse. All I can learn of him is from accounts sent me by a friend at Madras who informs me that he has been ordered by the Governor and Council to go to Europe by the present opportunity. I have however applied to Mr. Couchier for leave for him to remain at Madras till the arrival of my unkle's ship when I shall ship him off immediately. To this the Governor has consented. I am sorry to assure you he is not indued with one good or even neutral qualification and what his unhappy father will do with him on his return to England I cannot divine."
1770 January 12 Condapillee - Lieut. T. Palk to R. Palk Esq. "Capt. Madge will inform you this season of young Mr. Smerdon's elopment from Madras. He took a journey there about six months since to endeavour to get home on some of the last ships, but he went off before his arrival there and has not since been heard of, I believe."
1770 February 5. Lieut. T. Palk to R. Palk Esq. "You desire me in your letter by the "Duke of Grafton" to give you some account of that wretch Smerdon. I am sorry he should have come here under your recommendation. He stayed here about a month and I believe behaved tolerably well. He then went recommended to Capt. Madge and stayed with him about two months, which he spent drinking &c. &c. What is disagreeable for me to mention and much more so for you to peruse, Capt. Madge, having tried every means to make something of him and took am immense amount of trouble, he has obliged to send him down here to Mr...I forget his name...but instead of waiting on that gentleman, he has absconded and no accounts have since been heard of him. He has squandered a great deal of money which he has left poor Made to pay, which I believe he will do on account of Mr. Smerdon's desire, who write to him on the subject of lending hem a little money and his coming bare here; but without ever signing his name to the letter so that he is in doubt whether he will ever be paid."
The ultimate fate of the wretched Smerdon is not made clear but the implication is that he went over the wall and "went native". Fulwood Smerdon, though he was Vicar of Ottery from 1781 to 1794 seems to have been an even less attractive character than his son. He tutored the boy Coleridge for a short time before the poet's admission to Christ's Hospital, but Coleridge's picture of him is not a flattering one. He describes him as:
"All snuff, and musk, and politesse.
So thin that strip him of his clothing
He'd totter on the edge of nothing"
Mrs. Smerdon however sound more formidable:
"Large and round beyond belief
A superfluity of beef.
Her mind and body of a piece
And both composed of kitchen-grease.
In short Dame Truth might safely dub her
Vulgarity enshrined in blubber"
So perhaps she was the moving spirit in the attempt to make an officer and a gentleman of their offspring. At any rate it is clear that the absurd pair, like so many parents, had ambitions for the lad which took no account of his own desires or his limited talents. One feels that had the military in the 18th century had the advantage of aptitude testing, both Ensign Smerdon and his parents might have been spared a good deal of trouble and the poor boy might have continued to study the Classics as he wanted to. He might even have become Vicar of Ottery St. Mary.
Geoffrey Smerdon

Another Brit!!!! forwarded to me by P.Smerdon@aol.com
Subject: SMERDONS!
Hello There,
My name is Andrew Smerdon and I have just been reading the Smerdon info. on the Internet...there are more of us about than you think!!
I live in Leics. but my family are still based in Rattery, near South Brent, Devon - where my brother Peter runs the family dairy farm. My father Eric is retired along with my mother Joy (its amazing how the same names crop up....I went to school in Totnes with another Andrew Smerdon too!)
My mother has quite an interest in geneoloy, and has quite a bit of literature to do with the Smerdons that originated in Buckland in the Moor parish (the churchyard being full of them!). My grandfather was Thomas Courtenay Smerdon and he married a Jeanette Andrews from Owley Farm, South Brent. They moved to Smallcombe Farm, Rattery after they were married, and the family has been there ever since....interesting to note from the origins of the surname that there still are dairy farming 'Smardons'!!
It would be nice to here from you via the 'Net'....(I have only just started using it!) My parents and brother are not on-line but are on the phone on 01364 642002
All the best, Andrew Smerdon (asmerd@hotmail.com)

Pennsylvania Smerdon's!
From: Neds60@aol.com
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 19:03:50 EDT
I am married to a William Thomas Smerdon. We live in Scranton, Pa. He is 63 years of age. His father's name was William also. He had 4 sisters, Carmetta,Irene, Arlene and Freda. His grandfather was from Pittston, Pa. We are looking for a Jayne Smerdon from Pittston, Pa. who had a son Wm. Carney. She would have been born around 1875. Any clues.? Sincerely Annette Smerdon

Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 12:52:15 -0400
From: "Richard Smerdon" <Richard.Smerdon@cbs.fiserv.com>
Subject: Smerdon Family Name
Hi Bev, My name is David Smerdon and I live in Orlando, Florida. My father is John Earl Smerdon who is originally from southwest Missouri in the US. My great great grandfather migrated to the US in 1872 from Devon, England. I would like to be able to trace his father. This as far as we have been able to determine where our Smerdon family started. I have read you web site with great interest. I didn't realize there were so many Smerdon families in the US, especially in Michigan.

Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 14:54:28 -0400
From: "Richard Smerdon" <Richard.Smerdon@cbs.fiserv.com>
Bev, As far as I know we are not directly related to the "Canadian" bunch. My great great grandfather, John emigrated to the US in 1872 from Devon, England. Specifically where in Devon I am not sure. I do have some papers at home that have narrowed down the specific location and I will look them up. I remember seeing a photograph my grandmother had of him - he had what I would call an "Abraham Lincoln" type beard and was very distinguished looking. I do not recall that I ever heard his middle name, however, I believe he had a brother named James that stayed in England. He settled in southwest Missouri not long after arriving in the United States. He had a son named John Erle Smerdon - my great grandfather. John Erle's son was named John Earl Smerdon - my grandfather and then, of course, my father - John Earl Smerdon, Jr. My grandfather had approximately 500 acres of farmland near Neosho, Missouri - small town named Ritchey. They sold it in the late sixties. I used to spend summer there. Our family is now scattered accross the US. David

"Simon Begent"
Dear Bev,
My mother's family were a branch of Smerdons that Michael Smerdon from Adelaide refers to in his email.
Please see my web site www.begent.freeserve.co.uk which has a family tree and the story of two brothers Thomas and Henry Smerdon who emigrated from Devon to Australia in 1881. The third brother William went to London. Henry was Michael's grandfather, and William was my great grandfather. My father's research also indicated that Smerdon, which is a Devon name, means "butter hill". The old Norse word for butter was "smjor"; there was also a somewhat similar Old English word "smeru" meaning grease which is the source of the modern word "smear". "Dun" in Old English signified "hill".
I have some information about Smerdons in the Ashburton area of Devon from the 1841 and 1861 census if anyone is interested.
Simon Begent, from Somerset, England
(See Simon's family tree! Click here: http://www.begent.freeserve.co.uk/archives.htm )

To: asmerd@hotmail.com
More Austrailian SMERDON's
Subject: The Smerdon
G'day Andrew,
First let me introduce myself - My name is Andy Smerdon, and I live in Australia. I was surfing around on the Net during my lunch break at work yesterday when I came upon the 'Smerdon Site' published by Bev Petersen.
I was surprised to see another Andy Smerdon and even more surprised to read your letter saying that you had been to school with another guy with the same name.
Here in Oz the name Smerdon is not very common. In fact I am the only person in the Australian Defence Force (Army, Navy and Airforce) with the name, since my father, Stewart Smerdon, retired from the Army about 10 years ago.
We immigrated from England in 1963, at which time I was nearly six years old. We lived in Essex in England, in a little town called Bardfield. My family are all English by birth, however we have since taken out Australian citizenship and consider ourselves 'dinky-di Aussies'.
My family is made up as follows:
Dad: Stewart Smerdon
Mum: Barbara Marion Smerdon (nee Buckingham)
Brother: Stewart Brian Smerdon
Sister: Debra Janice Smerdon
My Grandparents on my Dads side were George Raymond Smerdon and Ada Smerdon both of whom passed away here in Australia about 15years ago. I believe one of Grandads brothers went to Canada in the early 1900's and I have no record except I believe he settled in the Bamff area and had something to do with the railway construction through the Rockies.
I have relatives all over England - My uncle Brian and Auntie Val Smerdon live in Great Wakering, Essex. They have 3 kids (adults with there own kids I'm led to believe) Clive, Demus and Beverley. I have a cousin in Devon - Andrew Bonner. An Uncle Jack, Smerdon, somewhere in Essex. An Uncle Pete Buckingham, also in Essex I think. And others I'm not sure of.
I once met and Uncle and Auntie while I was living in Singapore - I can't remember there Christian names but I remember their surname was Trench - I think they had about 5 kids and all their Christian name started with the letter V....I just remembered he was Uncle Vic!
Oh yea I also have a cousin living in New Zealand his name Alec Bonner, his wife is Prudence.
Anyway Andrew - I'd better sign off. Oh yea - I.m married, my wifes name is Lyne (nee Bellert) and my sons name is Dylan Reo Smerdon.
Hope I haven't bored you to death,
Take it easy,
Andy Smerdon
PS In 1982 I went back to England for a look around and quite by mistake found the church out on the Moors with all the Smerdon graves - spooky. If I remeber correctly the clock in the church tower had the letters 'my dear mother' instead of numerals! Also there was a little pub nearby that sold excellent beer and fine burgers and chips!!!

Ontario Australia & England
Jennifer Biddle <jennex@one.net.au>
Subject: SMERDON/CAUNTER families
I read with interest the email from Bob Smerdon in Ontario. I have been trying to track down some family of Caunter from Woodland, Devon. My husband's great great grandmother Agnes Caunter was sent to Australia as a 16 year old convict, in 1836 her crime was accidentally setting fire to her masters stables. She & her sibling Joanna were apprenticed to a family of Venning Harris in Woodland. Joanna had a daughter Ann Elizabeth Caunter who I think could be the Ann Elizabeth Caunter who married William Henry Smerdon. We know that their parents were Richard & Mary and they also two brothers Henry & Samuel. Agnes married another convict in Australia George Biddle and they had 7 children, she married again to a Robert Whitaker & had another child which she also called Ann Elizabeth. It is strange but one of the Biddle children married an Agnes Skinner daughter of Samuel Skinner who I believe came from Devon.
Perhaps Bob may have more information on this family of Wm. Henry Smerdon?
 Regards Jennifer Biddle

8/28/99 Hello Bev
I am David Yabsley from Exmouth Devon. My Great Grandmother was FLORENCE EMILY SMERDON born at BULLHORNSTONE farm SOUTH BRENT 1 11 1863. She married PHILIP FURNEAUX BARTER 2 2 1887 and died
22 1 1952.
Her father was ELIJAH SMERDON born 19 04 1808 in BUCKLAND IN THE MOOR.He is a descendent of JOHN SMERDON and ALICE HAMLYN as shown in the family tree of PETER SMERDON and MICHAEL SMERDON.
I do have some information on my SMERDONS and will be pleased to hear from anyone researching this family.
Best wishes David

More English Smerdon's
At 05:47 AM 8/29/99 -0700
Hi ,
 I was just looking through your smerdon site. I think I could tie up into Bob Smerdon tree. I have an Elizabeth Smerdon b. cir 1857? in Woodland DEV ENG marrying William R Elliott. If his elizabeth is not married maybe this is her. What do you think.
Now for a 2nd family of smerdons that I have.
John Smerdon b cir 1823, Widdicombe in the Moor, m. 1863, to Ellen Callard. They had John, Richard, Maria, b. cir 1866 & Betsy b. cir 1869. I don't know what happened to the boys, but Maria married a Bedford Morant Allen in 1901, in Eng, and Betsy m. also in 1901, to William Hunter Lobb. Would you like to put these lines in your
page ?
Chris Ayton