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 The Schimmelpfennig Family
The Schimmelpfennig Family came to America from Germany. It seems that not too much has been written or researched about them so I would like to make this a clearing house for this family. If you have data on them, please e-mail it to me and I will add it to my database and periodically generate reports for everyone to view.
Please go to the index and database to view my family.
Thank you.
Bev (Trew) Petersen Information From Visitors to the Site:
This e-mail came on 21 December 1997 and I wanted to share it with everyone because it summarizes the history of the Schimmelpfennig name so well.....
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 20:07:17 -0800 From: Rolf Schimmelpfennig
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To: bapetersen@datacruz.com
Subject: The Schimmelpfennig Family
Some additional information, please ecxuse my bad english. All dates are written in european notation: dd.mm.yy 
General aspects: Generally we have no written information about our history, because the most church-books burned during the second world war in eastern Germany.
The name "Schimmelpfennig" is related to the german "Schimmelpfeng" and "Schimmelpenninck" in the Netherlands (known cigars). The family has branches in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. About 30 years ago my father met a neighbor of a Mr. Schimmelpfennig from Tucson/Arizona; he remembered himself, that his grandfather immigrated from Pommerania.
I heard from a Hans Schimmelpfennig, living at Berlin that the name Schimmelpfennig was confered to our ancestors on acount of their merits while the crusades of the german knights of the cross to the eastern territories (range from 1200 to 1500).
In former times the "Pfennig" was no coin like the german Pfennig or the english Penny, so that we estimate a change of the meaning of this word. The "Schimmel" could be translated by "Whitehorse" or by "Mould" ... and we have no explanation about the combination of these two words.
Historic aspects:
We have a bad copy from a picture of a house in Geventer, Netherlands, from which the 3 brothers Schimmelpfennig went about 1604 to prussia, (including pommerania) on acount of religious difficulties.
In the austrian public record office, Vienna are some information about our family:
1556 Johann Schimmelpfenng is mentioned in F.W. Strieder's book "basis for the history for scientists and authors" from 1797 as son from Friedrich Schimmelpfennig councilor at Eschwege. He was vice-rector, then rector of the school of Eschwege, since 1556 as preacher in Neustadt and died 1603 probably.
1608 Sander (Alexander) Schimelpenink went from Geldern (Holland) to prussian polonia.
16.11.1650 Confirmation of the titled coat of arms and knightly peerage for 3 brothers Johann, Christoph and Balthasar Schimelfening
05.07.1842 Empereor Ferdinand permits this branch of the family Schimelpfening the "Freiherrenstand" (status of baron)
06.01.1800 born: Wilhelm, baron Schimelpenninck van der Olje till
12.12.1872 Gouvernor from Geldern, minister of interior, marsh.at court
12.05.1874 Rutger Jean Schimelpenninck van Nyenhuys got the inheritable title of count
And now my family from the grandfather to the childs:
1. Christoph von Schimmelpfennig: * 1848 , Pommerania Three childs: see 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 For further information I had to cantact my father ......
1.1 Karl Schimmelpfennig : * 07.09.1913 at Swinemnde, Pommerania Gertrud Voelz : * 06.01.1916 at Koeslin , Pommerania Living after marriage in Koeslin till February 1945, Flight via Berlin, Uetersen near Hamburg, later to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Muenchen and now living in Starnberg near Muenchen Two childs: see 2.1.1 and 2.1.2
1.2 Ursula Schimmelpfennig: * 11.03.1912 at Swinemnde, Pommerania Heinz Sch”ndube : * 21.07.1922 at Wedel near Hamburg No childs Actual adress:1.3 K„the Schimmelpfennig : * at Swinemnde, Pommerania : lived and died at Bansin, Pommerania married Mr. Naujoks, two childs, ..... I have no further information, because they lived in the "DDR".1.1.1 Gisela Schimmelpfennig: * 22.02.1940 at Koeslin, Pommerania Not married, no childs, living with our father at Starnberg (Mother is living since 4 years in nursing home at Starnberg)
1.1.2 Rolf Schimmelpfennig : * 28.06.1944 at Koeslin, Pommerania Gisela Matschulla : * 22.12.1943 at Breslau, Two childs: see and Stefanie Schimmelpfennig: * 20.04.1974 at Muenchen Not married and no childs yet Christoph Schimmelpfennig: * 13.01.1976 at Muenchen Not married and no childs yet Actual Adress: living still at home
Further aspects:
The name "Schimmelpfennig" you'll find very often in the area of Berlin and the north/east of Germany.
We got a picture from a war cemetery near the polian border: Hans Schimmelpfennig * 09.02.1910, + Mai 1945 (not from our branch)
Best Regards Rolf Schimmelpfennig

Subject: Re: Schimmelpfennig
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 09:51:03 EST
From: ELPF@aol.com
Good to hear from you. There are 3 groups of Schimmelpfennig's in ND --the Minot, Fessendon, and Whapeton. None of the 3 are related. I have a brother in Fargo, sisters in Portland, OR & Chicago. My mother is in Bismarck and cousins, aunts and uncles all in Minot. My father started tracing the family roots before he died so somewhere there is info stored somewhere. Other relatives are in New Ulm, MN & they would know more about the family origin. Go ahead and use this as you see fit.
Herb Sch............

From Thelma Schimmelpfennig on 23 June 1998
Hallo ,
Your Guestbook is off. (Sorry dont speak English)  
My Name :Andreas Schimmelpfennig (*30.04.64)
City :Onabrück / Belm (Germany)
Vater Egon Schimmelpfennig (gestorben 1943)
Please send me all from Thema Schimmelpfennig.
 Andreas Schimmelpfennig
send to : Chamisso@topmail.de (Thema :Schimmelpfennig

Received 3 July 1998: Schimmelpfennig, Alexander
Geboren: 20.07.1824 im damals preußischen Littauen
Gestorben: 05.09.1865 in Wernersville / Pennsylvania
In Deutschland: Schimmelpfennig war Pionieroffizier in der preußischen Armee.
Beteiligung an der Revolution 1848/49: War an der Revolution in Baden beteiligt, bis diese durch die preußische Intervention zusammenbrach. Ausgewandert: geflüchtet 1853. In den USA: In den USA ließ er sich in Philadelphia nieder, wo er ein Buch über den Krimkrieg veröffentlichte. Anschließend arbeitete er als Ingenieur und 1860 soll er für das Kriegsministerium gearbeitet haben.
Im Bürgerkrieg: Bei Ausbruch des Bürgerkrieges wurde er Colonel des 74. Pennsylvania Regimentes. Aufgrund eines Reitunfalls mußte er das Kommando abgeben. Er kam erst im Sommer 1862 wieder zur Truppe und übernahm die Brigade des gefallenen Generals Bohlen. Mit seiner Brigade war er in den Schlachten bei Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert. eingesetzt. Bei Gettysburg mußte er sich einen Tag hinter den feindlichen Linien verbergen, ehe er seine Brigade erreichte. Er führte eine Brigade während Shermans Feldzügen durch Georgia und die Carolinas.
Anfang 1865 trat General Sherman von Savannah gegen die Carolinas an. Mitte Februar 1865 übergab der Südstaatengeneral Johann A. Wagener Charlston. Die ersten Truppen, die in die Stadt einmarschierten, wurden von General Fehler! Textmarke nicht definiert.geführt.
Der Zweite Kampf für Freiheit und Einheit ein Erfolg ?
Der Krieg war vorbei. Die Union hatte gesiegt. Die Deutschen hatten ihren Teil dazu beigetragen. Aber hatten auch die 48er ihr Ziel erreicht? Sie hatten sicherlich geschafft, was ihnen in ihrer alten Heimat nicht gelang. Die Erhaltung der Einheit der Union und die Schaffung der Freiheit der Sklaven. Sie hatten so manche Anfeindungen der amerikanischen Presse über sich ergehen lassen. Aber ihr Ziel sicherlich erreicht. Einige haben sich und damit auch ihren Ansichten und Zielen für immer einen Platz in der amerikanischen Geschichte erkämpft.
Wieviele 48er letztendlich nach 1848/49 in die USA kamen wird nie geklärt werden können. Die diesbezüglichen Zahlenangaben schwanken zwischen 4.000 und weit über 10.000. Ebenso wenig wird geklärt werden können, wieviele Soldaten im amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg bereits an den Revolutionen in Europa beteiligt waren.
Hier sollten auch keine Lebenswege besonders bekannter 48er nachvollzogen werden sondern ein kleiner Einblick in das Engagement der 48er im amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg und ihrem zweiten Kampf für Freiheit und Einheit gegeben werden.

Received 10 August 1998
From: "David" <davidg@exis.net>
Dear Bev:
My name is: David Reuben Nussbaum Goldberg. I got your name and e-mail address from a museum. Anyway, my father recently passed away and I inherited his nightlight that he had as a child. This nightlight is cast in bronze and is signed as follows: Herr Oswald Schimmel Pfenning, Berling, 1924. I am trying to find out who the artist is. Could he possibly be a relative of yours?
Mr. D.R.N. Goldberg

 Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 14:01:54 EST
 From: DSchimmelp@aol.com
I found your name on the rootsweb searchlist. I am really interested in your Schimmelpfennig informations. My roots are in hither pommerania and east prussia and I have collected informations about more than 100 Schimmelpfennigs. So may be, you can help me or I can help you.
With best regards
Dieter Schimmelpfennig
living near the danish border

Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 08:09:04 EST
From: DSchimmelp@aol.com
Thanks for writing. I printed out the descendants of Johann Schimmelpfennig. But now I have some questions.
1. You used two names of towns, I never heard of: Klaushagen / Brandenburg and Klashagen / Pommerania. Klaushagen in Brandenburg and Klashagen / Pommerania didn`t exist. Is it possible that they are the same town : Klaushagen / Kreis Neustettin / Pommern ---- means Klaushagen / Neustettin County / Pommerania ?
2. The city of Waugenin doesn`t exist in Germany. Is it possible that you mean the city of Wangerin / Kreis Regenwalde / Pommern ---- means Wangerin / Regenwalde County / Pommerania ?
Klaushagen and Wangerin are not very far away from each other. Could you please check your old documents again ?
With best regards
Dieter Schimmelpfennig
19 Jan 1999 - More from Dieter......Sorry for being very quiet the last weeks. I made a Schimmelpfennig homepage with some of my informations on it ( 1100 people ). You`ll find it at http://members.xoom.com/Dieter4851/index.htm it`s written in german so please follow the link : Die Schimmelpfennig Sammlung That`s the way to the collection. The other link is the way to my family. Enjoy it. By the way, do you have new Schimmelpfennig informations for my collection ?

Subject: Schimmelpfennig family
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 18:57:53 -0500
From: "sivey" <sivey@gateway.net>
Hello Bev,
My name is Shari Ivey, my maiden name is Weyhrich. I am working on my family history and there are two times that the Weyhrichs and Schimmelpfennigs married. However, these Schimmelpfennigs were from Tazewell County, Illinois. Do you have any information on these people?
I am aware of a Mary Schimmelpfennig that married Johann Peter Weyrich probably in the late 1830s in Pekin, IL.
There also was a Herman John Schimmelpfennig (b. November 06, 1906; d. March 12, 1956). He married Lydia Weyhrich February 12, 1935) and had two daughters:
Shirley Ann Schimmelpfennig b. November 13, 1936 in Tazewell County, IL
Marilyn Mae Schimmelpfennig b. October 01, 1938 in Tazewell County, IL
I also have information from St. John's Lutheran Church of Green Valley (Tazewell County), IL where several other Schimmelpfennigs were married, etc.
Do you have any information about these people??
Let me know. Thanks for your help.
Best regards,

Subject: Re: Schimmelpfennig
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 20:39:55 -0800
From: Cathy and Ernie <cevoni@pacbell.net>
Bev, Thank you for your response to my inquiry. I know the following plus what I orginally sent. My records show Mariannah (which could be Marianne) married Frederick Ibsch, they had 7 children:
Anna Martha Ibsch born 1889
Frederick Ferdinand Ibsch II born 189- 1958
Marie Louise Ibsch 1892-1975
Karl Gotlieb Ibsch 1894- 1970
Ernest Albert Ibsch 1896- 1965
Gretchen Varnell Ibsch 1900 - 1994 ?
Elsie Burnett Ibsch 1903- 1959
I do not have information about the family except that they came to America when Gretchen was very young and I think ended up in Houston Texas, They had a store in Houston, Texas.
Any more similarities? Let me know. Cathy

 To: Mikki Judge <JJudge2127@aol.com> SCHIMMELPFENNIG'S IN IOWA
cc: "Schimmelpfennig's" <bapetersen@datacruz.com>, bgreavis@prodigy.net,
Dieter Schimmelpfennig <DSchimmelp@aol.com>, marjcrane@aol.com,
schiml@pipeline.com, somjon@hotmail.com, wieg8z@webtv.net
Subject: Re: Schimmelpfennig
Hi Pete;
I found a Dick Schimmelpfennig who m. Margaret Seaba. Looks like they had 9 children. Is this your Seaba line?  

There are a number of Schimmelpfennigs out there. Dieter must have the largest collection of names. He told me of other people interested in the Schimmelpfennig name and I have copied them on this note.
Not all are descended from the group around Jaegersburg, Posen. Perhapsthese people will fill you in on where their Schimmelpfennigs originated?
For me, Schimmelpfennig is a COLLATERAL line: My grandfather, Louis Seaba, had a sister Margaret. She married Dedrick "Dick" Schimmelpfennig. They were residents of German Township, Keokuk County, Iowa.
I was born in Sigourney, Iowa. When I was 3 years old father bought his first house, from Gus Schimmelpfennig. My maternal grandfather had built the house! On the way to gradeschool I would walk past the Schimmelpfennig Mill. Bob Schimmelpfennig was a year ahead of me in school, J.D. was about 3 years older.
A number of Schimmelpfennig descendants were close friends of my parents. When I looked at the records of the German Lutheran church in rural Sigourney, I found the birthplace of Jaegersburg for the Schimmelpfennig
family. The first meeting to form this church was held by my g-grandfather, Gerd Hinrich Siebe [the spelling changed when they emmigrated]. Freda Bruns, who wrote the history of these Schimmelpfennigs, helped
me with researching my family.
Years later I met another alumnis of the U. of Iowa, Hal Schimmelpfennig. He was a grandson of Gus Schimmelpfennig. Hal graduated in Pharmacy and is now retired from Lilly.
I'm now president of the Iowa City Genealogy Society. I will get back to my family history when the NEXT president is elected in June!!
Although I'm not a Schimmelpfennig descendant, our families have had close ties for years.
Let me know if you need further information.
Peter J. Seaba, Iowa City, Iowa
pseaba@weeg.blue.uiowa.edu OR peter-seaba@uiowa.edu

Friederike Schimmelpfennig <fschimmel@gw.sino.uni-heidelberg.de> 6/14/99 +0200
Hi out there!
I by marriage now belonng to one of the big Schimmelpfennig clans in Germany and I am *very* interested in genealogy. The line is the descendants of a Wilhelm Schimmelpfennig from Breslau, he was a descendant of the Schimmelpfennigs from Cologne (Germany) who emigrated to Silesia quite early, probably in the 16th or 17th century. The descendants of the Breslau clan moved to Lüneburg after the war, which is now considered to be the main seat of the clan. One of the family has done some extensive research and I'd be willing to provide this in the next time (it's a lot of stuff.) I'll also contct Dieter Schimmelpfennig in Germany who has collected a mass of info - our part of the family is missing completely though.
Anyhow, there's one thing to add: the name "Schimmelpfennig" ´, I was explained by a numismatic, has nothing to to with having pennies moulding in your drawer, as some people claim, nor white horses per se. When silver coins were printed, they first were of black colour, unpolished. They then were called "Schwarzpfennig" ("black horse penny") and the Swiss coin "Rappen", meaning "black horse", derives from this. After polishing and some further processing the coin became white and shimmering, "schimmern" in German. So Schimmelpfennig would be derived from "schimmernder Pfennig" and with some historical linguistic processing finally became "Schimmelpfennig". So all you Schimemlpfennigs in the world - don't worry.
Our ancestor were most probably not mean traders who kept their money that long that it started to mould ("schimmeln"). This is also a reaction to the mail of Rolf Schimmelpfennig from Dec. 1997. So far.
Friederike Schimmelpfennig (fschimmel@gw.sino.uni-heidelberg.de)
Friederike Schimmelpfennig
Sandwingert 4

"Adriane Wichinsky" <marcadri@email.msn.com> Subject: Schimmelpfeng Family At 6/15/99 -0700
Hi! It was a pleasure to find this site on "our" family. My name is Adriane Schimmelpfeng Wichinsky (Wichinsky is my husband's last name). I am 26, I'm from Brazil and last December I married an American citizen and because of him I moved to Las Vegas, USA.
If you want, I can provide you some information about my family. They live in Brazil: Curitiba, Parana State (my city is in the same state as Foz do Iguacu - I don't know if you ever heard about this city, but Jorge Schimmelpfeng was one of its founders).
My father's name is Nelson Sottomaior Schimmelpfeng (55) and my mom is Maria Jose Pereira Schimmelpfeng (46). I have a brother (Alexandre Pereira Schimmelpfeng, 19 years old) and a sister (Ana Paula Pereira Schimmelpfeng, 12). My father's parents are Syrth de Sa Sottomaior Schimmelpfeng (she is 85 and is a very nice lady) and his father was Lauro Schimmelpfeng (already diseased).
Well, there are lots of names for me to give you...please let me know if I can do anything for you and how.
My email is: marcadri@email.msn.com Phone: (702) 873-2772 Address: 3704 San Bernardino Ave.. Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 Unites States 
With all my love,     

From: "DOROTHY" <dmj@gatekeepers.com>
To: <bapetersen@datacruz.com>
Subject: Schimmelpfennig Family
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 19:28:02 +0100
Greetings, Bev. 
I was delighted to discover your web site and have made fabulous, informative contacts through it. I would be happy to share my research efforts with anyone interested.
Generations of my huband’s Schimmelpfennig ancestors:First: Johann 1690, Meseritz
Second: Gottfried 1723, Czarnkow, Poznan, Poland
Third: Matthias 1752, Ascherbude, Poznan, Poland
Fourth: Johan Jacob 1798, Ascherbude, Poznan, Poland
Fifth: Johann Rudolph 1845, Putzig, Poznan, Poland
Sixth: George 1878, Oelwein, Iowa
Seventh: Dale George 1921, Sigourney, Iowa
Eighth: Glen George 1952, Logan, Utah
Ninth: David George 1978, Bountiful, Utah
Johan Jacob (1798), wife Anna Caroline Kriese and their 8 children emigrated to Iowa in 1856.
Dorothy in Utah (dmj@gatekeepers.com)

FROM: marcusaius@aol.com
Subject: schimmelpfennig
hello from germany!(bramsche)
me english is bad
you have a pic from my family you see 6 brothers
the name is andreas(me),frank,holger.roman.olaf and michael
my father is egon schimmelpfennig(*1943)
my grandfather ernst schimmelpfennig from schlesien east germany
my mather:lieselotte schimmelpfennig(*1933)born.hugo
and my grandma hugo born adler from schleswig-holstein (nord germany)
I,have two children annika schimmelpfennigand nils schimmelpfennig
born:7.6.89 and 3 10 92
please send me all from thema schimmelpfennig
andreas schimmelpfennig
send to marcusaius@aol.com

Subject: Schimelpfenigs of Plano, Texas  
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999  
From: Harold R. Huber harold.huber@sabre.com
Dear Bev,
I happened on your web site today just surfing from Cyndi's List, and got into your genealogical pages. After
seeing the listing/references to the Schimmelpfennig name, which is very unusual, I thought you might be
interested in a branch of this family that emigrated to North Texas. Plano is about 20 miles due north of Dallas,
along US Hwy. 75.
The first Schimelpfenig (the local spelling) to arrive in Plano was Frederick. Quoting from Plano, Texas: The
Early Years (Friends of Plano Public Library, Henington Publishing Company, Wolfe City, Texas, 1985), page 316:
"Frederick Schimelpfenig, born in Newport, Kentucky, on September 9, 1852, was the second child of Reverend
Frederick Schimelpfenig, a minister of the German Methodist Church, and Margaretta Bahrenburg Schimelpfenig,
both of whom were born in Germany. Frederick Schimelpfenig was one of nine children, four of whom came to
Plano in the late 1870's or early 1880's: Frederick, Wesley Benjamin, John, and Minnie Katherine . . . "
This Frederick became a mayor of the town of Plano, and was very involved in the early affairs. His wife, Louise
Ernestine Rammers Schimelpfenig, has a municipal library named for her on Custer Road in northwest Plano, down the street from where we live.
The above book has about three pages of data about the family, as well as other references about their civic
and business involvement. The book is still available at a cost of $35 from the Plano Library system, and may be
something that you would want to get hold of. The following is the Plano Library URL:
There is a rendering of the Schimelpfenig Library on this home page! You can get a phone number of the Gladys
Harrington Library off the site and call to see if you can order a copy of the book if you so desire.
It is amazing the breadth and scope of what the Internet is doing for genealogical research. I hope that this will
be helpful information to you, even if you are not descended from this particular line. But this family had quite
an impact on the fledgling town of Plano in the time period when they moved here.
Harold R. Huber
Plano, Texas