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Franklin-Dawson-Davis Reunion

Cordially Invited
Officers - Chas. R. Dawson --- President
Alexander, Archie Altena, S. D.
Alexander, Virginia Davis 
Andrews, Mrs. Grace Lafayette, Ind,. 1108 N. 6th St.
Arnsmier, Mrs. Mary Juda, Wisc. R. F. D.
Bailey, Albert 2nd co., 88th Div. Camp Dodge, Iowa
Bailey, Mrs. Chessify Williamsport, Ind.
Bailey, Frank A. Co. 2, Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Bailey, Perry Manteno, Ill.
Bailey, James Frego, Mont.
Bailey, John Lafayette, Ind.
Baker, Dorah E. Vernon, Kan.
Bartlett, Mrs. Willard Macy, Ind.
Baker, Mrs. Sallie Neosho Falls, Kan., R. F. D.
Berman, Nellie Broadhead, Wis.
Berryman, Mrs. Nellie Broadhead, Wis.
Blankenship, Mrs. Lizzie Fowler, Ind.
Bowman, Mrs. Reppie Indianapolis, Ind.
Boyles, Mrs. Frances E. Amarillo, Texas, 509 Polk St.
Brant, Archie Private, Permanent Guard Co., American Test Camp Winchester, England
Brant, Jesse Huron, S. D., 709 Dakota Ave.
Brant, Rachel Davis 
Brant, Scott Beloit, Wis. 928 4th St.
Buck, Mrs. O. E. Otterbein, Ind., R. R. 3
Burnes, Mrs. Josie Kansas City, Mo.
Clawery, Lawrence Kansas City, Mo.
Cloury, Mrs. L. Remington, Ind.
Cloury, Miss Ruth Momence, Ill.
Cloury, Mrs. Grace Peoria, Ill.
Conn, Nelson Brook, Ind.
Cook, Mrs. H. Boswell, Ind.
Crist, Mrs. Morris Milford, Ill., R. R. 1
Crist, Russell Milford, Ill., R. R. 1
Crabtree, Mrs. W. A. Albot, Neb.
Davis, Albert Juda, Wis.
Davis, Chester Raserville, Ill.
Davis, Mrs. Clyde Monon, Ind.
Davis, Delbert Virginia City, Nevada
Davis, Dewey Hamilton, Mont.
Davis, Earl Juda, Wis., R. F. D.
Davis, Frank Hamilton, Mont.
Davis, Freeman Virginia City, Nev.
Davis, G. B. Juda, Wis., R. F. D.
Davis, George Bogard, Mo.
Davis, Geo.  
Davis, Glen Juda, Wis., R. F. D.
Davis, Guy H. Juda, Wis., R. F. D.
Davis, Judd Juda, Wis., R. F. D.
Davis, Lee Juda, Wis.
Davis, Mrs. Mollie Kansas City, Mo., 324 Askew Ave.
Davis, Russell Fairburg, Neb.
Dawson, Alpha Osgood, Col.
Dawson, Dr. B. F. Akron, Ind.
Dawson, Chas. Goodland, Ind.
Dawson, Chas. Goodland, Ind.
Dawson, Chas. R. Milford, Ill., R. R. 1
Dawson, Cecil Goodland, Ind.
Dawson, C. W. Oxford, Ind.
Dawson, C. J. S. Omaha, Neb., Exchange Building
Dawson, Edgar Jamesport, Mo.
Dawson, Elisha Lafayette, Ind., 111 S. 6th St.
Dawson, Eliga Broad Ripple, Ind.
Dawson, Frank Milford, Ill.
Dawson, Geo. Rochester, Ind.
Dawson, Harry Milford, Ill.
Dawson, Hillis Milford, Ill.
Dawson, Homer Champaign, Ill., 301 Randolph St.
Dawson, Howard Milford, Ill.
Dawson, Ira Idaville, Ind.
Dawson, Ira Bennett, Neb.
Dawson, Jasper Milford, Ill.
Dawson, Jeff Montmorenci, Ind.
Dawson, Samuel Otterbein, Ind., R. R. 3
Dawson, Leon West Point, Ind., R. A. 
Dawson, Marion Oxford, Ind.
Dawson, Ora Milford, Ill.
Dawson, O. M. Sercey, Ark.
Dawson, Mary Independence, Ind.
Dawson, Philip Endicott, Neb.
Dawson, Porter Los Angeles, Cal.
Dawson, Thomas Chinook Beach, Wash.
Dawson, Thos. Remington, Ind.
Dawson, Walter Fair Oaks, Ind.
Dawson, Willie Montmorenci, Ind.
Dawson, Wilbur Lafayette, Ind.
Dawson, Wm. Fowler, Ind., R. R. 1
Dawson, W. L. Lincoln, Neb., 503 L St.
Dawson, W. M. Milford, Ill., R. R. 1
Dawson, W. W. S. Omaha, Neb.
Dennington, Ralph Fowler, Ind. R. F. D. 5
Disoway, Mrs. Eugene Sheldon, Ill.
Downey, Mrs. Daley Montmorenci, Ind.
Dutcher, Avis Boswell, Ind., R. F. D.
Earl, Bernard Juda, Wis.
Earlywine, Mrs. Mattie Juda, Wis. R. F. D.
Edwards, Mrs. Will Watseka, Ill.
English, Mrs. Emma Jamesport, Mo.
Fairbanks, Mrs. Honor Goodwell, Okla.
Fisher, Mrs. Leslie Remington, Ind.
Fisher, Russell Remington, Ind.
Flake, Leland Leroy, Kan.
Flake, Wayne Leroy, Kan.
Foster, Mrs. Flora Lafayette, Ind., 1504 Cincinnati St.,
Franklin, Mrs. Ada Pontiac, Ill., 904 E. Madison St.
Franklin, Albert Hutchinson, Kan.
Franklin, Bert Lafayette, Ind., 1207 Washington St.
Franklin, Chas. Brook, Ind.
Franklin, Emaline Lafayette, Ind., R. R. J.
Franklin, Harley W. Pleasant Lake, Ind.
Franklin, Ira S. Veedersburg, Ind., R. R. 4
Franklin, James Sheboygan, Wis.
Franklin, Emma Lafayette, Ind., R. R. J.
Fraklin, Ocey Brook, Ind.
Franklin, Wallace Laporte City, Iowa
Franklin, Wilbur Otterbein, Ind.
Franklin, Wilmer Independence, Ind.
Franklin, Oscar Hutchinson, Kan.
Franklin, Sol Indianapolis, Ind., 2828 N. Ill. St.
Franklin, John Hutchinson, Kan.
Franklin, Wallace B. Vonton, Iowa
Franklin, W. J. Camp Fremont, Co. H. 62nd Inf. Menlo Park, Calif.
Ford, Mrs. Jennie Remington, Ind.
Ford, Fern Remington, Ind.
Ford, Lyon Remington, Ind.
Gagnon, Mrs. P. Momence, Ill.
Garner, Charles Lyle, Wash.
Garner, Jessie Lyle, Wash.
Garner, Nancy Lyle, Wash.
Garner, Rease Lyle, Wash.
German, Miss Ruby Freeland Park, Ind.
Gephart, Mrs. Chas. Otterbein, Ind. R. F. D. 2
Gilmore, Mrs. Walter Mc Coysburg, Ind.
Grosser, Mrs. Will Remington, Ind.
Griffith, Mrs. Ed. Roseburg, Texas
Griffith, Mrs. Chas. Milford, Ill. R. F. D. 3
Grimes, Mrs. Belle Pleasonton, Mo.
Harlow, Mrs. Lucinda Woodsville, Neb.
Harris, Chas. Remington, Ind.
Harris, Ethel Remington, Ind.
Harris, George Remington, Ind.
Harris, Lucy Remington, Ind.
Harris, Leroy Remington, Ind.
Harris, Mrs. Minerva Remington, Ind.
Harris, Thos. Remington, Ind.
Harris, John Remington, Ind.
Hensler, Mrs. Chas. Remington, Ind.
Hensler, Mrs. Ora Remington, Ind.
Hensler, Mrs. Jacob Remington, Ind.
Heminger, Wilbur Trumbull, Neb.
Hickman, Mrs. Lottie Morocco, Ind.
Hildebrand, J. Frank Williamsport, Ind.
Hildebrand, Eugene Causal de Chuent, Unit No. 1, Wright Field, Fairfield, O.
Hord, Mrs. Eva Central City, Iowa
Holloway, Chas. Milford, Ill., R. R. 1
Isaacson, Mrs. Olive and Thelma - I am unable to get name and address of these.
Jhringer, Mrs. John Peoria, Ill.
Johnson, Miss Edra Milford, Ill.
Johnson, Ave. Otterbein, Ind.
Johnston, George Goodland, Ind.
Johnston, Homer Lafayette, Ind. R. R. J.
Johnston, John Otterbein, Ind.
Jones, Albert Oklahoma City, Okla. 1305 W. 12th St. 
Jones, Geo. Donovan, Ill., R. F. D.
Jones, Mary Milford, Ill. R. F. D. 1
Kestler, Arthur Blanden, Neb.
Kestler, Alva Blanden, Neb.
Kastler, Bert Pocatello, Idaho, 410 W. Carlson
Kestler, Clarence Hastings, Neb. 410 N. Bellevieu Ave.
Kestler, Earnest Blanden, Neb.
Kestler, Mrs. Ella Hastings, Neb., 419 N. Bellevieu Ave.
Kestler, Harrison Blanden, Neb.
Ketler, Henry Minita, Neb.
Kestler, Morris Hastings, Neb., 419 N. Bellevieu Ave.
Kestler, Rolly Pawnee, Okla.
Kestler, William Clyde Park, Mont.
Kilwine, Frank Broadhead, Wis., R. F. D.
Kilwine, Jay Broadhead, Wis.
Kilwine, J. P. Broadhead, Wis.
Kilwine, Nancy Broadhead, Wis.
Kilwine, Nancy Davis 
King, Mrs. O. B. Chicago, Ill., 4736? Beacon St.
Kline, Mrs. Laura Brook, Ind.
La Bounty, Mrs. Eva Gilman, Ill.
Lank, Mrs. Robert Greencastle, Ind.
Lank, Miss Wilhelmina Greencastle, Ind.
Lake, Mattie Broadhead, Wis.
Lake, Mrs. Mattie Broadhead, Wis.
Lewis, Mrs. Maude Broadhead, Wis.
Lewis, Francis Co. A, 1st Reg. Camp Dewey, Great Lakes, Ill.
Littlejohn, Mrs. Gertrude Lafayette, Ind.
Louery, Mrs. Frances Lafayette, Ind, R. 3
Lunnerman, Cynthia Juda, Wis.
Lunnerman, Viola Monroe, Wis.
Mann, Chas. Independence, Ind. R. R. 1
Mann, Frank Otterbein, Ind., R. F. D. 2
Mann, John B. Oxford, Ind.
Mann, George Independence, Ind.
Mann, Jacob Independence, Ind.
Mann, Wildon Independence, Ind.
Mann, Oscar Otterbein, Ind.
Markel, Mrs. John Rockford, Ill. R. R. 6
Massie, Libbie Indianapolis, Ind.
May, Mrs. Belle Remington, Ind.
May, All Remington, Ind.
May, Frank Remington, Ind.
May, G. E. Remington, Ind.
May, John R. Remington, Ind.
May, Mrs. James, Sr. Remington, Ind.
May, Mrs. James, Jr. Lisbon, N. D.
May, Fred Remington, Ind.
May, U. T. Mc Comb, Miss.
Magill, Mrs. Cynthia Stafford, Kan.
Miller, Mrs. Fanny Hoopeston, Ill.
Mills, Mrs. Bessie Gridley, Kan.
Mitchell, Mrs. John Montmorenci, Ind.
Morton, Mrs. Vanda Brook, Ind., R. F. D. 1
Mowery, Mrs. Eva Milford, Ill., R. F. D. 1
Myer, Alice Juda, Wis.
Myers, Mrs. Chas Independence, Ind. R. 1
Myers, Walter Co., C, 116th Engineers A. E. F. in France, via New York
Mc Farland, Mrs. Paul Otterbein, Ind.
Mc Gahan, Mrs. Nellie Otterbein, Ind. R. 2
Mc Gahan, Elmer Fowler, Ind., R. F. D. 2
Mc Gahan, Alex Otterbein, Ind., R. F. D. 2
Mc Gahan, Harry Fowler, Ind.
Mc Gahan, J. M. Fowler, Ind.
Mc Gahan, Thomas Otterbein, Ind., R. F. D. 2
Mc Gahan, Fred Otterbein, Ind., R. F. D. 2
Newman, Lulla Monroe, Wis.
Newman, Miss Mary E. Monroe, Wis.
North, Henry Lafayette, Ind., R. R. J.
Norris, Mrs. Hugh Fulton, Ind.
Oppy, Frank Watseka, Ill.
Oppy, James Woodland, Ill.
Oppy, Lucretia Woodland, Ill.
Ostrander, Archie Juda, Wis., R. F. D.
Ostrander, Edgar Juda, Wis., R. F. D.
Ostrander, General Juda, Wis.
Ostrander, Sarah Davis 
Ostrander, Walter Juda, Wis., R. F. D.
Protsnan, Mrs. D. A. Morocco, Ind.
Pruett, Oswond Brook, Ind.
Quillei?, Lola Silver City, Nev.
Rader, Mrs. Dulcie Indianapolis, Ind., 809 N. Delaware St.
Reece, Alice Cameron Springs, Ind.
Richards, Mrs. G. L. Peoria, Ill., 123 Mc Bean St.
Rolstin, Mrs. Martha Winterset, Iowa
Rolstin, Mrs. Nellie Trumbull, Neb.
Ross, S. D. Wichita, Kan.
Rowe, Mrs. Anna Juda, Wis., care Postmaster
Rowe, Mrs. Blanche Juda, Wis.
Sayers, Frank Swen City, Iowa
Sayers, Amanda Cadillac, Mich.
Sayers, Greenberry Cadillac, Mich.
Shaw, Mrs. Belle Kankakee, Ill., 607 N. Harrison St.
Shaw, Mrs. J. W. Kankakee, Ill., 619 N. Harrison St.
Shaw, Mrs. Thos. Epsevitch, S. D.
Smith, Rev. Chas. Tampa, Fla.
Smith, Rev. Ralph Tampa, Fla.
Smith, Ira Fort Wayne, Ind.
Stanley, Mrs. May Milford, Ill, R. F. D. 1
Stevens, Kate Broadhead, Wis.
Stevens, Mrs. Louie Jamesport, Mo.
Stephens, Mrs. Kate Broadhead, Wis.
Sturdevant, Mrs. Steve Milford, Ill.
Stewart, Mrs. Howard Remington, Ind.
Stokes, Mrs. Edw. Remington, Ind.
Slaughter, Mrs. Samantha Alphia, Minn.
Southard, John Wolcott, Ind.
Southard, Belle Wolcott, Ind.
Stuart, Mrs. Howard Remington, Ind.
Sterrett, Mrs. M. L. Remington, Ind.
Splawn, Mrs. Sarah Lyle, Wash.
Stone, Mrs. Delia Crescent City, Ill.
Swan, Mrs. Gloria St. Paul, Minn., 790 Shelby Ave.
Talbott, Mrs. Clara Morocco, Ind.
Thompson, Mrs. Anna Osowatomie, Kan.
Thompson, Rhoda Bancroft, Ohio
Thompson, Webster Otterbein, Ind., R. F. D. 2
Thompson, Eva Lafayette, Ind., R. R. J
Timmons, Lottie Sheridan, Ind.
Tracey, Mrs. Viva Juda, Wis., R. F. D.
Turnipseed, Mrs. Amanda Monticello, Ind.
Vigar, Mrs. Nettie Berthoud, Colo.
Vinson, Mrs. Frank Monticello, Ind.
Vore, Mrs. Mabel Rockford, Ill. R. R. 9
Walker, Mrs. Frank St. Charles, Iowa
Webster, Mrs. Steve Milford, Ill., R. F. D. 1
White, Florence Otterbein, Ind., R. F. D. 2
White, Mrs. Emma Kentland, Ind.
Wolf, Mrs. Ina Attica, Ind.
Wright, Mrs. J. B. Milford, Ill., R. F. D. 3
Wright, Levi Stockland, Ill.
Wright, Mrs. Levi Milford, Ill.
Wideman, Mrs. Myrtle Juda, Wis., R. F. D.
Wilson, Mrs. Ellen Dayton, Nev.
Wilson, George A. Mason, Nev.
Wilson, Warren C. Gerington, Nev.
Williams, Mrs. Alice Oklahoma City, Okla., 1315 W. 12th St.
Wisley, Mrs. Frances L. Waupuu, Wis., 1 W. Main St.
Zahringer, Mrs. John Peoria, Ill., 701 South St.
Zimmerman, Mrs. Viola Monroe, Wis.
Zimmerman, Mrs. Cynthia Juda, Wis., R. F. D.
Zimmerman, Walter Juda, Wis., R. F. D.