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  The "us" in Petersen Reproductions, Fun Stuff for Genealogists, Inc. is really "I". Bev (Trew) Petersen, has had a passion for genealogy since 1988. It all began with an "autograph" quilt top that her husband's grandmother had given her because she enjoyed quilts so much. It was designed for names and dates, so Bev started to embroider the family names in each block. She quickly realized she did not have birth and death dates of the people to fill those 20 blocks so the questions started and have not stopped. The genealogy bug bit long and hard and never let loose.
Bev selling her wares back in the early days.
  Bev graduated from Central Michigan University with a Master's Degree in Park's and Recreation in 1974 and worked in that field on and of, married, and raised her two children. One day in 1996, Bev went to an antique show and found the beautiful 1888 Family Tree Photo Holder. It sat on her counter for nearly 2 years. The day came to "add the family photos" and it was unwrapped to find it in poor condition, crumbling from the acids in the paper - totally unusable! Friends encouraged her to have it reproduced and promised to buy one, so it was printed. That was the start of Petersen Reproductions.
Michael Le Clerc, Rick Crume, Bev and Mark Davis at Salt Lake City for the NGS conference. Sep. 2000.
  Bev has continued her education by taking classes at Indiana Vocational Technical College (IVY Tech) in South Bend, IN in graphic design and carries nearly a 4.0 grade point average (got my first B recently)! Too bad she could not do that when in college as a "kid"! She is past president of the South Bend Area Genealogical Society in South Bend and has taught genealogy for the past six years at Indiana University at South Bend. Genealogy remains number one on her list of hobbies and creating new and useful things for the genealogist is her new passion. We (she) gladly will consider your requests so please e-mail Bev with your ideas. She is especially grateful to her friends, especially Mark Davis, who travels with her and offers suggestions and support some of the crazy ideas!
Famiy Tree Software folks congratulating Bev for winning grant money for the South Bend Area Genealogical Society. 2001.

Bev attends all national genealogy seminars and many state and regional events. If you are in the Great Lakes region, please contact Bev if you would like to have her attend one of your society seminars as a vendor. Discounts to stores and genealogy societies are offered so please ask!

Watch for much more to come!